Your Advocate to Renew Illinois

Illinois State Senate - 31st District
Republican Candidate

Supporting small business and economic growth to increase state revenue and the wealth of Illinois families.

Creating an Environment for Jobs

When it comes to job creation, Illinois must be a Business State. Michael will start by focusing on three basic areas that support a stable Illinois, business growth which will in turn increase family wealth.

  • Stop the Exodus. Support current businesses
  • Create Stabile Climate for Business
  • Develop and Protect Future Economic Growth

Economic Stability Through a Balanced Budget and Eliminating State Debt

The Illinois budget and growing deficit will require the teamwork of Executive Branch, Legislature and state workers to work in a cooperative spirit to develop a fiscally sound budget that eliminates our deficit. Together we will develop a long term strategy that controls spending, eliminates waste and increases transparency.

Empowering Youth for Success!

One of the goals of education is to develop an independent and productive society. Education offers opportunity and creates purpose. Every child that succeeds in our education system will make us a better state.

  • Equality in Funding
  • Choice in Education
  • Higher Education - that's affordable

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